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Non-Profit Education Innovations

  • kidoyo

    kidOYO Entrepreneurial Ed-Tech

    Providing Entrepreneurial Ed-Tech for K-12th grade Students & Teachers. Leadership-based Student-driven Instructional Model Brings Real World Maker Skills into the Classroom.

  • Exceptional Play Lab

    Exceptional Play Lab

    Exceptional Products for Exceptional Minds with Exceptional Interests.

  • Coder Dojo(s)

    Coder Dojo(s)

    Coder Dojo(s) are free social coding experiences where students engage with volunteer mentors to create a modern day "home brew computer club" for learning.


    Programs using educational mod of popular sandbox construction game to instigate collaborative learning in various subjects both online and in physical learning sessions.

  • kickit social innovation

    Kickit Social Innovation Platform

    501(c)(3) platform for entrepreneurial learning projects. Build projects, Grow results, Donate funds, Deduct contributions.

Educators Are Saying...

"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Devon and Melora in a number of educational settings and each time I’m more impressed with the knowledge and skills they bring to STEM teaching and learning. They have expertise in a number of areas such as programming, the design process, the educational use of online gaming, and they are always quick to recognize the potential of new technology and bring the most valuable aspects of that tech into their curriculum. I’ve been amazed by how quickly they recognized the educational value of emerging technology such as the MaKey MaKey or e-textiles and brought that tech into a workshop or class. I’d also highlight the positive and encouraging nature of their interactions with their students, especially their ability to implement the idea of “failing forward”, a necessary component for helping students really understand the nature of the “silent E” in STEM, engineering."

Dr. George Meadows - Professor of Science & Makerspace-In-Education Pioneer - College of Education, University of Mary Washington

"kidOYO's Teacher Dojo is the perfect compliment to any school or organization looking to train and prepare its workforce and students for our increasingly complex, 21st century environment. KidOYO supports Hartwood's professional staff development and vision of becoming a nationally recognizable STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) school site. The facilitators knowledge of progressive adult learning needs and responsiveness to learning new and emerging technologies was exactly what my staff was looking for. We are excited to have formed this partnership, and together, we will better prepare students for a life in a globally interconnected world where collaboration, creativity, and innovative thinking is valued!"

Scott Elchenko - Principal & Makerspace-In-Education Champion - Hartwood Elementary School, VA

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